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The swarmer (in-fighter, crowder) is a fighter who attempts to overwhelm his opponent by applying constant pressure — taking away an opponent's spacing and timing. Swarmers tend to have a very good bob and weave, good power, a good chin, and a tremendous punch output (resulting in a great need for stamina and conditioning). This style favors closing inside an opponent, overwhelming them with intensity and flurries of hooks and uppercuts. They tend to be fast on their feet which can make them difficult to evade for a slower fighter; or are great at cutting the ring with precise footwork. They also tend to have a good " chin " because this style usually involves being hit with many jabs before they can maneuver inside where they are more effective. [1] Many swarmers are often either shorter fighters or fighters with shorter reaches, especially in the heavier classes, that have to get in close to be effective. Tommy Burns was the shortest Heavyweight champion at 5'7, while Rocky Marciano had the shortest reach at 67-68 inches. One exception is Jack Dempsey , who was nearly 6'1 with a 77-inch reach. Famous swarmers include Henry Armstrong , Carmen Basilio , Nigel Benn , Melio Bettina , [2] Burns, Julio Cesar Chavez , Steve Collins , Jack Dempsey , Joe Frazier , Kid Gavilan , Gennady Golovkin , Román González , Harry Greb , Emile Griffith , Fighting Harada , Ricky Hatton , Jake LaMotta , Rocky Marciano , Terry McGovern , [3] Sam McVey , Battling Nelson , Bobo Olson , Manuel Ortiz , Floyd Patterson , Aaron Pryor , Alexander Povetkin , Sailor Tom Sharkey , David Tua , Mike Tyson , Micky Ward , Wilfredo Gomez and Mickey Walker . [4] [5]

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The Boxers - Watch It! (Do Me A Favour)The Boxers - Watch It! (Do Me A Favour)The Boxers - Watch It! (Do Me A Favour)The Boxers - Watch It! (Do Me A Favour)